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What is

What is® is a public Wi-Fi network which offers high speed free Internet access and the opportunity to navigate the web using an ecrypted or unecrypted connection with the support of a digital certificate.® is a product developed by Atlas Data S.R.L. based on cloud technologies which are environmentally friendly. system is designed to provide smart solutions for Wi-Fi users, for comercial and public sector. was built for Wi-Fi service users who want to navigate the Web through a secure connection to eliminate the security risks occured while using regular wireless networks. For commercial and public sector provides Wi-Fi solutions for a smart marketing, applicable for various verticals, such as retail, ospitality industry, tourism and banking services, education, public transport, publich health, culture, and much more. uses Wi-Fi technology to transform the city you live in a smart city, which provides modern public services to residents and tourists, by free Wi-Fi to high traffic public areas.

Your benefits as a Wi-Fi user

Your benefits as a Wi-Fi user

Free Wi-Fi by 2 types of connection

With public Wi-Fi network you benefit from free Wi-Fi in all partner locations from your city. service provides free Internet access by two types of connections with a different level of security: the unencrypted connection .HOT-SPOT.RO and the encrypted connection .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE (recommended). What you need to know about Wi-Fi security.

Fast login without assistance

If you are in Wi-Fi network coverage area you login fast without assistance by using a social network private account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn or Yahoo) or by SMS (a single authentication code is sent by the system to the user’s phone).

Stay connected for a longer period of time enables you to stay connected online for 24 hours, unlike regular wireless networks or the hotspot services of telecommunications providers which allow you a limited free Wi-Fi access, usually for 2 – 3 hours. Do you have questions?

Encrypted Wi-Fi connection

With you login fast to navigate the web using a Wi-Fi network with a high level of security. .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE connection is accessed and encrypted based on an unique digital certificate, which protects it from any cyber attack. In addition, with .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE you have free Wi-Fi whenever your are in the coverage area of Wi-Fi network, no matter your location, for the entire period of availability of the digital certificate (usually 2 years).

Enjoy full mobility

You can navigate free on the web using any mobile device equipped with a wireless adapter (smartphone, tablet, laptop).

Extended Wi-Fi network

You have Wi-Fi network coverage in multiple location from Bucharest and you connect automatically each time when you are in the coverage area of wireless network.

Your benefits as a location partner

Your benefits as a location partner

Free Wi-Fi for your clients

You give your customers free Wi-Fi, with no cost for the acquisition, installation, monitoring and technical support for equipment in your location. Why you should provide free Wi-Fi? Because today mobile devices users are always online and they expect to have Wi-Fi everywhere. More, they want free Wi-Fi.

Secure Wi-Fi in your venue

Information security has never been more important. With .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE connection your customers can navigate the Web in a secure way to protect sensitive information, because with the encrypted connection of system we provide the highest level of information security currently possible via Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi solutions for smart marketing

Ads by enables you to use a new promotion channel for a smart marketing.
You can promote online your products and services with Ads by using a different approach, from displaying online ads (banners), customized location-based landing pages, to targeting your audience based on the location or the keywords present on the web pages visited by your clients.

Cost-free modern Wi-Fi equipment

You cut costs and offer free Wi-Fi to your customers with
As a location partner you benefit for free of the acquisition, installation, monitoring and technical support for equipment in your location. In addition, you use latest generation Wi-Fi technology equipment and solutions, build on cloud technology and environment friendly, which can be installed both indoor and outdoor.

Wi-Fi for commercial and public sector Wi-Fi solutions are applicable both for business and public sector. For example, for business sector you can use for retail verticals (shopping centers as well as retail banking), ospitality industry (coffeehouses, restaurants, bars, hotels), tourism industry and for much more. For public sector, municipalities can use for domains like education, public transport, public health, events, culture.

Legally compliant Wi-Fi network operates in compliance with the legislation concerning wireless hotspots settled by National Authority for Management and Regulation in communications of Romania. Atlas Data S.R.L. is authorized also by the National Supervisory Authority of Personal Data Processing.

Use Wi-Fi technology for online ads

Use Wi-Fi technology for online ads

A new channel for online promotion

With Ads by service you have new opportunities to promote your products and services, which might generate a positive impact on your sales (online banners, customized location-based landing page, targeting your audience based on the location or the keywords).

Online banners system allows setting ad content, inserted as an oline banner with different heights, and placed in the footer of the web pages visited by users. Like this, you can promote online your products and services in your locations or in the entire Wi-Fi network (e.g. to inform about a new product, special offers, season sales etc).

Effective landing page

You can use personalized landing pages for an effective promotion of your products and services. For example, you can benefit from a customized location-based landing page (the system enables you to have a different landing page for each location selected by you), you can use a landing page to promote your website or a social media page (e.g. Facebook), and much more.

Effective audience targeting

With Ads by you can target effectively your audience based on the location and/or the keywords present on the web pages visited by Wi-Fi network users.

Online ads for partners

Ads by service is designed for location partners (companies/institutions which enable Wi-Fi equipment installation within their locations) and for advertising partners (companies/institutions which want to use the online ads service provided by system).

Costs cut

Now you can benefit from costs cut for online advertising because we take full responsibility for the management and the costs related to inserting advertising content via system (online banner, landing page).

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