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Find out here the answers to most frequently asked questios about Wi-Fi public network.
What is is a public Wi-Fi network which offers high speed free Internet access and the opportunity to navigate the web using an ecrypted or unecrypted connection with the support of a digital certificate.® is a product developed by Atlas Data S.R.L.

What type of devices can I use for Wi-Fi network?

You can connect to .HOT-SPOT.RO from any device equipped with a wireless adapter (smartphone, tablet, laptop), operating at 2.4Ghz and/or 5Ghz wireless band frequency.

What Wi-Fi network I should use if both Wi-Fi networks .HOT-SPOT.RO and .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE are available?

We highly recommend you to use always .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE connection.

.HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE connection setup requires carying a few extra steps, presented comprehensively in the section connection instructions, unlike the unencrypted Wi-Fi connection.

How do I log in to .HOT-SPOT.RO?

.HOT-SPOT.RO connection is public and unencrypted. To log in you have to:

  • be in the coverage area of Wi-Fi network
  • turn on the Wi-Fi function for the device you want to use to connect, and choose .HOT-SPOT.RO from the available Wi-Fi networks list
  • select the option ”.HOT-SPOT.RO Connection” to continue to navigate the Web for a 24h session.
Why I should use the unencrypted connection .HOT-SPOT.RO?

Although you can login fast to navigate the Web using this connection, we recommend you to use it only to configure .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE connection.

Still, if you use this connection to navigate the Web please be aware that this connection is unencrypted, and the potential sensitive data you access (e.g. passwords, mail, authentication data for different accounts) can be intercepted by vicious people.

How do I log in to .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE?

In order to use the connection .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE you need to configure your user profile through .HOT-SPOT.RO connection, as it follows:

What are my benefits if I use .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE?

The data transfer is encrypted and your personal data is safe.

You no longer need to authenticate again. Your free Wi-Fi session is valid for the entire period of availability of the digital certificate (usually 2 years).

Why do I have to reauthenticate to .HOT-SPOT.RO connection, if I already authenticated once?

If you use .HOT-SPOT.RO connection to navigate the Web, you are automatically granted with a 24h free Wi-Fi session.
For security reasons, when this session expires, the user has to authenticate again. To avoid this impediment, it is recommended to use .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE connection.

What prevents a hacker from stealing my digital certificate if I get it by an unencrypted connection (.HOT-SPOT.RO)?

The security of the digital certificate transfer to your device is ensured by the fact that this operation is made through a HTTPS connection. A different type of certificate it is used to encrypt the data transferred between our website – used to download your certificate – and your device. This type of encryption is an additional “lock” to protect data, no matter the type of connection used for data transfer.

What do I see the message “Network may be monitored” after installing the digital certificate on my device? Should I worry? Who is monitoring my data?

You DON’T have to WORRY. This message is typical for devices operating with Android mobile system and it is displayed on your device because a new certification authority appears in the system. This new certification authority belongs to Wi-Fi system, and is installed simultaneously with your digital certificate, in order to validate your certificate. This certification authority is owned by Atlas Data S.R.L., as a provider, and it is used to self-issue certificate on our own hardware, so you should not worry that is a malware.

Atlas Data S.R.L uses this certificate only to encrypt and protect your personal data transferred through service, as stipulated in terms and conditions.

When and why should I revoke my digital certificate?

The digital certificate is the key used to encrypt your traffic. If this certificate is compromised (for example, if somebody found out your password for the Facebook you used to connect to, if you have lost your smartphone or if it was stolen) we recommend you to revoke your digital certificate and to generate it again. Once a digital certificate is revoked, all devices which have installed the prior digital certificate, can no longer use .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE connection, until the new digital certificate is installed.

Why does the system display ads?

In order to provide free Wi-Fi for you through service we have an ads-based system. If this is an impediment for you, and you want to navigate the Web using an encrypted connection, you can deactivate the online ads for a limited period of time, using this form.

Why I can’t access other websites, although I can use Google Search?

Your .HOT-SPOT.RO session has expired or you are not yet connected to the authetification portal.

Through .HOT-SPOT.RO connection, the access to the websites which enable the authetification process, is not restricted. These websites include but are not limited to:,,,,

To log in you need to access the page

Why does the warning message “Privacy error: Your connection is not private”? while browsing the Web?

Your .HOT-SPOT.RO session has expired or you are not yet connected to the authetification portal.

The page you want to visit returns this error because it is HTTPS type and the login redirect cannot be operated. For login you. To log in you need to access the page

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