Connection Instructions for .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE by Android operating system

Pasul 1

Turn on the Wi-Fi function for the device you want to use to connect, and choose .HOT-SPOT.RO from the available Wi-Fi networks list.

Pasul 2

Go to and log in using one of the available options.

Pasul 3

Select the connection setup section for .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE.

Pasul 4

Fill in the required data and press Issue Certificate.

Pasul 5

Download the digital certificate.

Pasul 6

Extract the digital certificate using the password you used for Step 4.

Pasul 7

Select Wi-Fi to specify the purpose of using the certificate.

Pasul 8

From the available Wi-Fi networks choose .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE.

Pasul 9

Select EAP-TLS method and the downloaded digital certificate. In the Identity field, enter the email or mobile number you used to connect.

Pasul 10

Please check if you are connected to .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE network and browse the Web safely.