Connection instructions for .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE by iOS operating system

Pasul 1

Turn on the Wi-Fi function for the device you want to use to connect, and choose .HOT-SPOT.RO from the available Wi-Fi networks list.

Pasul 2

If the portal does not automatically open, go to and log in using one of the available options.

Pasul 3

Select the connection setup section for .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE.

Pasul 4

Fill in the required data and press Issue Certificate.

Pasul 5

Download the digital certificate.

Pasul 6

Install the profile for Wi-Fi HOT-SPOT.RO

Pasul 7

You finish installing the profile for Wi-Fi HOT-SPOT.RO

Pasul 8

From the available Wi-Fi networks choose .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE.