smart Wi-Fi network in your location

Today mobile devices users are always online and they expect to have free Wi-Fi everywhere, and in addition, it has become more and more challenging to persuade them to spend more time in one location, regardless if it is a shopping center, a coffeehouse, a fashion store, a restaurant or other urban location.

Free WI-Fi for your clients. Encrypted connection

The public Wi-Fi network can be used by all companies which wants to offer free Wi-Fi for clients, with business in the field of retail (commercial centers with a high number of visitors, including fashion retail), ospitality industry (coffeehouses, restaurants, bars, hotels), tourism and events agencies (e.g. entertainment, sports) and many more.

Entertainment facilities and diversity are currently the key elements for success in business. With Wi-Fi network you can provide your clients a great experience and retain them to spend more time in your location.

Create a great experience for your clients and stand out from competition suite of solutions provide multiple benefits for location partners. Why choose WI-Fi for your business?

You give your customers free Wi-Fi without any costs for the acquisition, installation, monitoring and technical support for equipment in your location, regardless the number of equipment units which are to be installed.

With your customers can navigate the Web by an encrypted Wi-Fi connection. Through .HOT-SPOT.RO SECURE encrypted connection, we provide the highest level information security currently possible via Wi-Fi, to protect sensitive information, in comparison with regular free wireless networks available in the public areas, which are vulnerable to cyber atacks.

You benefit of a new digital marketing channel with Ads by, a service designed to promote online your products and services (displaying online banners on the web pages visited by all users, an unique customized location-based landing page, targeting your audience based on the location or the keywords present on the web pages visited by clients). Do you want to promote your business online? Use Ads by and stand out from competition.

You get free technical support from our team and you save more. We want you to be able to offer a high quality Wi-Fi service to your clients, so we monitor permanently the proper function of equipment, and we provide technical support when neccesary.

You benefit of latest generation Wi-Fi technology equipment build on cloud technology and environment friendly, which can be installed both indoor and outdoor.

Legal compliance and data protection has never been more important. public Wi-Fi network operates in compliance with the legislation concerning wireless hotspots settled by National Authority for Management and Regulation in communications of Romania.

Smart Free Wi-Fi with encrypted connection for a smart city with modern services

Smart city is an urban area in which digital technologies transpose into better public service for the community. With the residents and tourists from your city can use free Wi-Fi services while located in high traffic public areas (central areas, railway stations, parks, tourist attractions, public areas dedicated to cultural and educational event) or in commercial centers. can be used for public sector by municipalities for domains like education, public transport, public health, events, culture and other activities related to urban administration.

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